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a little depth

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Thu Aug 13, 2009 4:30 pm

Well everything got even more quiet, if that was possible. I just got back online, and i'm telling you what, take it away from yourself for a few weeks and things get a little wonky..lol...

So I promised the fair Capn' I would play a bit with this thing, so let me start ...

I just recently moved from my home town and against all odds, no job, barely any income i did it, got my own place, and register for my bachelors degree on friday. Just took a little trust..and a realization that some things you just have to go with when you know what you want to do

I'm about two hours away from this at the moment, which is going to be a god send in the months to come, come rain, come shine...inspiration in reach...

So randomly I would just like to say, if you have a dream follow that fucking thing, if I can start the process so can any other person on the face of this planet. I have great kids, I have a great cat, I have a future and I have hope, I have a lot actually and I'd like to count a blessing or two. For the record, thanks NWF for being here through everything in the last half a decade, thanks for being a sounding board, a friend gathering, a place to play, a place to cry and a place to vent....this loyalty for me lasts even when i'm too busy to be here a whole lot ;) LUVS!

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